On this episode of AMCi Indie Spotlight (Wednesday December 10th, 2014) our guest panelists are Brian Formo and Germain Lussier.

‘Café Society': Kristen Stewart Describes Working with Woody Allen, Being Booed at Cannes — Collider; subject: Kristen Stewart
Salem Then and Now: How Real-Life Horrors Inspired ‘The Witch’ — Collider; subjects: Robert Eggers, Anya Taylor-Joy and witch historians.
Todd Haynes on Why He Cast Rooney Mara in ‘Carol’, Working from Someone Else’s Script — Collider; subject: Todd Haynes
Ian McKellen — 'Mr. Holmes' — Collider
'Concussion' and the NFL — Collider
Guillermo del Toro – ‘Crimson Peak’ Set Visit – CraveOnline
The Farrelly Brothers 'Dumb & Dumber To' – CraveOnline
Rene Russo – 'Nightcrawler'  (TIFF) – CraveOnline
Graham Moore – 'The Imitation Game' – CraveOnline
Jonah Hill & Margot Robbie – 'The Wolf of Wall Street' – CraveOnline
Dan Gilroy – 'Nightcrawler' (TIFF) – CraveOnline

Bong Joon-ho – ‘Snowpiercer’ – CraveOnline
James Gray – 'The Immigrant' – CraveOnline; moderated public Q&A with Gray (video)
Anton Corbijn
 'A Most Wanted Man'  – CraveOnline
Noah Baumbach — 'Mistress America' — Collider
Greta Gerwig — 'Mistress America' — Collider

Taylor Kitsch – 'Lone Survivor' – CraveOnline
Lynn Shelton & Sam Rockwell – 'Laggies' (TIFF) – CraveOnline
Eva Mendes – 'Holy Motors' (AFI Film Festival) – The Huffington Post
Priyanka Chopra
– 'Mary Kom' (TIFF) – CraveOnline

Dave Franco and Emma Roberts — 'Nerve' —
Blake Lively — 'The Shallows' Collider; 
Eddie Redmayne – 'The Theory of Everything' (TIFF) – CraveOnline; ~2,000 video views
James Marsh – 'The Theory of Everything' (TIFF) – CraveOnline

Xavier Dolan – 'Laurence Anyways' – The Huffington Post;  ~24,000 video views
Felicity Jones – 'The Theory of Everything' (TIFF) – CraveOnline
Matt Reeves
–'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' – CraveOnline
Ashley Judd & Tony Goldwyn – 'Divergent' – CraveOnline
Ken Burns and 3 of the Central Park Five – The Huffington Post; ~7,000 video views
Toby Kebbell
– 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' – CraveOnline
Shailene Woodley – 'Divergent' – CraveOnline
Simon Pegg & Rosamund Pike
– 'Hector and the Search for Happiness' – CraveOnline