In 2002, while living in the dorms of The University of Tennessee, David Blaylock (who wrote on "cinema-scene" as David Perry, because his parents asked him to come up with a pseudonym for writing on the internet; I recall that Perry was chosen because of Matthew Perry of "Friends") introduced me to Ed Gonzalez and Slant Magazine.

It was a different type of film criticism than what I wrote. Gonzalez also revealed himself to be a list-whore and made public his top 10s of each film year from 1910 to present. So it was then that I started this project, of essentially doing the same. But I also wanted to highlight elements that make films great -- cinematography, music, performances and common themes in the year of release, etc -- instead of just listing the directors who made them (although, I too, am an auteurist). And because Fritz Lang was my favorite early director I decided to name my superlatives after him as the Fritz Goldens. :)

The Fritz Golden Superlatives:

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1940s: 1940 - 1949

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and finally: 1920 - 1929 + Superlatives Index

Fun fact: When starting college, I was going to films by myself at the Downtown West Theater until I found out that Blaylock/Perry was a cineaste down the hall. I went to a daytime screening of Pedro Almodovar's Talk to Her. When I got back to the dorms, David told me that he was going and invited me. I wanted a film buddy, so I went and pretended that I hadn't already seen the movie. Luckily, it was a movie that I loved from the start (and still maintains top position on 2002's year-end list). And to this day, it's still the only film that I watched twice in a day. After I moved off campus I lost track of Blaylock, but although I found many future film buddies, I'll always be grateful for his assistance.